General Accessories and Spares

At Patco Exports, we also have General Accessories and Components for Textile Machinery such as:

  • Auto Doffing Spares for Rieter, Marzoli, Zinser, Toyoda, Cognetex machines
  • Chain Links for Schlafhorst Autoconer, Murata, Unifloc, Trutzschler, etc.
  • Ceramic Cutters for Murata, Schlafhorst Autoconer, Picanol, Toyota, Dornier, Savio
  • Shock Absorbers for various machines
  • Fluff Collecters (Spin cleaner or fluff gun) Manual & Battery operated
  • Bottom Roller and Wrench
  • Flexible PU Hose Pipes
  • Hand Knotters – Fishermann knotter, Uster and Boyce type knotters
  • PU Trolley wheels
  • Sliver Cans with Springs and Castor wheels
  • Flyer, Pressure and Caps
  • Over Head Travelling Cleaner Spare Parts for Electro-Jet, Elgi Jacobi, Festo, Allied
  • Top Rollers for Comber & Draw Frames
  • End Bushes for Rieter, Trutzschler Combers

Spare Parts