Patco Exports provides New and Reconditioned Rotor Spinning, Ring Spinning and POY/FDY machines.

We are also engaged in making Roll Shop Machinery like Cot Grinding & Mounting and Bobbin Waste Recycling machinery, as listed below.

Roll Shop Machinery

  • Cot Grinding Machine with Auto Feeding
  • Cot Mounting Machinery
  • Top Roller Greasing Machinery
  • Automatic Arbour Flushing Machine
  • Ultra Violet Top Roller Treatment Machine
  • Pneumatic Cot Calendering Machine
  • Clearer Roller Cleaning Machine
  • Spindle Lubricating Machine
  • Eccentricity & Taper Tester
  • Fluted Roller Truing Machine

Waste Recycling Machinery

  • Automatic Bobbin Stripping Machine
  • Roving Bobbin Stripping & Opening Machine (Conveyor belt operated)
  • Roving Stripping & Opening Machine (Pneumatically operated)
  • Roving Waste Opening Machine

Replacement Spare Parts

Patco Exports is one of the top exporters of Ring / Rotor Spinning and Winding Machine Spare Parts. With over 30 years of experience in this field, we have earned a good reputation.

We supply all the spare parts for Ring Spinning machine, including:
  • Rieter G5/1, G30, G32, G33, K43, K44
  • Toyoda RX100, RX240
  • Zinser 319, 321
  • In addition to above we also have parts for Marzoli, Sussen Ring Frames.
We supply all the spare parts for Rotor Spinning machine, including:
  • Schlafhorst BD416, SE7/8, SE9/10, SE11/12
  • Saurer BD380, BD350, BD330, BD320, BD D30, etc.
  • Rieter BT923/R923/R35,R1, R20, R40, R60 etc.