Blowroom & Carding

Blowroom and Carding machinery are the first stage in the textile manufacturing process and essential to produce the best quality of yarn.

At Patco Exports, we provide new and used (branded and refurbished) Blowroom & Carding machines and also manufacture their accessories and components namely Spiked Lattice, Feed Lattice, PIV Gear box, Gears and other spares. For the Card Room, we manufacture Undercasing, Comb blades, Flat Chains, Emery Fillet, Wires, Gauges, Transport Belts, PLC, Flat Bars, other plastic and mechanical spares for Rieter, Trutzschler, Marzoli, Crosrol, etc.

Our Blowroom Machinery

  • Circular Bale Plucker
  • Bale Opener
  • Permanent Magnet in Line
  • Step Cleaner 4/6
  • Maxi-flow
  • Heavy Part Separator
  • Multi-mixer
  • Condenser
  • Fine Opener
  • Saw Tooth Opener
  • Micro-dust Remover
  • Willow Mat
  • Seed Remover
  • Manual Contamination Removal System

Our Card Room Machinery

  • Carding Machine
  • Coilers
  • Auto Can Changer
  • Multi Roller Wire Mounting Machine
  • Licker-in Wire Mounting Machine
  • Metallic Wire Mounting Machine
  • Old Wire Unwinding Machine
  • On Card Wire Grinder
  • Bare Cylinder Grinder
  • Motorized Traverse Wheel Grinder
  • Automatic Flat Grinder

Spare Parts