Comber & Draw Frame

The combing and draw frame processes are carried out to improve the quality of fibre being produced in a textile manufacturing factory. Combing removes the shorter fibres and impurities, while draw frame blends and levels the yarn to improve the fibre quality.

At Patco Exports, our range of refurbished Draw Frame and Comber machines ensure a clean and even sliver production.

We provide new and reconditioned Comber and Draw Frames of leading manufacturers like Rieter, Trutzschler, etc.

We offer machines and spare parts of the below models:
  • For Draw Frame – Reiter D30, D35, D40, RSB851, RSB951, RSB-D26, RSB-D50
  • For Worsted Brands like Cognetex, NSC Schlumberger, St. Andrea.
  • For Comber – Reiter E60, E62, E65, E75, E80, E90